With great joy in our hearts, we welcome all visitors to our website and we wish it to become a source of inspiration to the creation of the "Houses of Prayer Bl. John Paul II."

Ladies and Gentlemen! We invite you to take our program in this direction. Let us ask the Holy Spirit and the Holy Family of Nazareth about the appropriate grace, through the intercession of Bl. John Paul II.

Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of light and love! I devote my mind, my heart, my will and myself in this life and eternity to you. Make my mind  always eager to receive inspiration, coming from you from heaven and the holy teachings of the Church, which you guide and control infallibly. Let my heart always be full of love for God and another human being, let my will  always agree with God’s will, let my whole life be a faithful imitation of the virtues of life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and  let there be honor and glory forever to him. Amen.

Sustained by prayer to the Holy Spirit, let us open our hearts and minds and open the doors of our homes to knocking and calling of  Pope JPII  dated 1994, addressed to the families as "domestic churches".

Celebrated by the Church the Year of the Family, is a prime opportunity for me to knock on the doors of your homes ... and give you a special greeting ...

Let the prayer of the Church and the family prayer be heard - all "domestic churches" and let it be heard this year, first by God and by men! In order not to fell into despair. In order not to succumb  the power of the apparent goodness, which constitutes the very core of every temptation.

Blessed John Paul II!
We feel as miserable tools that you have chosen to build the Houses of Prayer.  Our belief is strengthened, however, that "God has more grace than he gave away."
We know that the "houses of prayer," Thy name, you give to God's special care for these very difficult, and perhaps the final times. 03 IX 2011. we introduce to your management  reported 168Houses of prayer.
Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
We thank those who have joined in building the houses of prayer of JPII and encourage others to act in this direction. We believe that we will not run out of  the spiritual builders and that there will be at least 100 of them in each diocese.
Please distribute our website. Here's the address: www.domymodlitwyjp2.pl
Print of business cards can be found in the "Messages".

JPII Blessed Intercede for us!

We warmly greet all the readers of our website-members of the College of the houses of prayer. JPII.  Tomaszów Lub. The first Saturday of the month September 3September 2011