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"Nasza Barka" - quarterly
Welcome all those who access our website, who come across our newly established quarterly "Reflections" .Best regards especially to those who have joined the "Houses of Prayer Bl. JPII." At the beginning let’s ask the Holy Spirit for the grace needed.

Holy Spirit, enlighten our hearts and minds so that we can discern what is right and what is wrong in our earthly journey to heaven. Direct our "thoughts"  as required in the fixation of a prayer in our families.

Blessed JPII-guiding thoughts
John Paul II is the greatest disciple of Jesus at the turn of the century. We present his guiding  thoughts, events and miracles. Everything for the strengthening of our faith, as a way to salvation.

1) A man is great not by what he has, but by what he is, not by what he has, but by what he shares with others.

2) Man has a fundamentally different nature than animals. It contains within it the power of self-determination based on the reflection and manifesting itself in the fact that acting man chooses what he wants to do. This authority is called free will.

3) Every life, even the least significant for the people, has an eternal value before the eyes of God.

A miracle for the family, a letter to Pope JPII
My daughter had a natural childbirth. The girl who, in 1983. greeted you in this Park in Krakow with a  modest card, this year she felt your fatherly care, when the third child was born. So I would like to thank for the fact that thanks to your intercession my daughter, Malvina, Anna, gave birth naturally to a healthy baby girl on July 8, although previous pregnancies required cesarean delivery. Take care of this young married couple continuously so they live the life of the Family of Nazareth. Maria from Krakow.

The Divine Mercy - the last chance for salvation of man.

St. Sister Faustina Kowalska

From a source of  your mercy, Lord, flows all the happiness and life, so all creatures and creations, sing a song of mercy in delight.

One time when a person asked me about a prayer. When I met  the Lord, I told him these words, - Jesus, I love those souls who love you, and He answered: - And I give special graces to those souls for which you are asking me.

What is the New Age movement?
It is a philosophy of life based on the occult, so opened and cleverly camouflaged. Generally, this is the leaving from Scripture and faith in God, and replacing him with the faith in  divination magic spells, invoking spirits. It is also searching for cosmic energy, etc. How to defend ourselves from these proposals? First of all, the hot faith. The Gospel gives a clear interpretation of the threat and it should  turn  us back from the bad roads of the New Age.

"You can not drink from the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; You can not sit at the Lord's table and the table of demons"
(1 Cor 10,21-22).

A sad situation!
The mayor of the Canadian city of Saguenay  was found guilty of violations of religious freedom and sentenced to a fine of 30 thousand dollars. The prosecution concerned a short prayer is read at the beginning of the meeting of the city council. The court ordered the removal of crosses and also statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from the premises of the council.

Mary’s call!
Akita, Japan 12VI-13 X 1973
"Many people in this world make the Lord Jesus sad. God the Father is preparing  big punishment to all the humankind. To ease the anger of the Heavenly Father, I along with my son of souls who have undertaken to pay for the sinners and for the ungrateful people. Let them sacrifice a prayer for those people, repentance, honest poverty,  sufferings and courageous acts of sacrifice. "

Our thoughts end up with words of the poet:
Oh, give us Lord, the inspiration of faith, because faith is a difficult achievement that requires vigilant conscience, humility and the will of fire, without which there is no prayer or repentance and consciousness of sins ...
We have to be artists of faith and to gain that faith continuously , and again earn its depth ...

Oh, let us, O Lord, inspired by the faith.
R. Brandstaetter, Dzien gniewu, Warsaw, 1962).

That is how we close the first online edition of the quarterly "Reflections". For sure it is very modest, but we share what we have, and the final disposal of the fruit is, after all, and yes, he our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 "Reflections" - quarterly "Houses of Prayer Bl. JPII" 2 The Divine Mercy - the last chance for salvation of man.