Houses of Prayer of St. JPII - brief summary

1.To deepen the importance of prayer in families.
2.To found at least 100 Houses of Prayer in each diocese.

of the Church
Houses of Prayer act in accordance with the idea of a "new evangelization" initiated by JPII and have the blessing of the Church.

Anonymity and simple way of action
Houses of Prayer does not have any organizational structures. They work via the Internet, and participation is anonymous. Program of prayers is short, it does not take a lot of time and offers the possibility of expansion.

Prayer on 2nd,16th and 22nd days of each month.
1) Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
2) Litany of Loreto to the Blessed Virgin Mary
3) Litany to St. Joseph
4) The Rosary – 10x Hail Mary (or more)
5) Te Deum- You are God
The remaining days of the month - any prayer.
Number of persons constituting the "House of Prayer": 1and or 2,3,4, ....

Justification of the prayer dates

02/04/2005-the day of JPII's death and16/10/1978 - the selection of the pope and 22/10/1978- beginning of the papacy and the liturgical memorial.

Prayer intentions

For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the light of the Holy Spirit and families and the goverments, for vocations and the sanctification of priests, for the sick and abandoned and for the souls suffering in purgatory.


"Houses of Prayer of St. JPII "- internet evangelization.     
During his lifetime, John Paul II launched the great evangelistic program called "new evangelization" in which secular members of movements found space for their ministry and commitment.
In the Apostolic Letter "Novo Millennio Ineunte", published at the end of the Jubilee Year 2000, JPII wrote that it is important "to promote various forms of association, both traditional and newer ecclesial movements to give the Church a vitality that is God's gift and the true manifestation of the Spirit of spring".

Ladies and Gentlemen!
JPII did not want to be passive in heaven, he wants to intercede for us, so he cries spiritually:"I'm looking for people who would found Houses of Prayer of my name, at least 100 houses for the diocese." It is hoped that the fulfillment of this condition will lead to the special intercession of JPII for a particular diocese.
There are examples when God sent prophets to the people who passed salvation conditions expressed by numbers: 7 washes of  Naumann the Syrian in the Jordan River to get rid of the leprosy, 7 daily laps to get Jericho , 10 righteous people to ultimately defend Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.
Appeal to all the Polish and world dioceses!!!
If your diocese does not have "Houses of Prayer of St. JPII ", do everything to have them founded. St. JPII, St. Joseph, and especially Mary wait for such decisions. She says, spiritually: "Houses of Prayer of St. JPII are the joy of My Immaculate Heart".

Let us invite at least 10 other people to participate in the Houses of Prayer.